Beyond Belief Coaching has been a life-long dream of mine. I am the mother of three beautiful daughters that inspire me to be the best I can be. I have been married to my soul-mate and best friend for 20 years.

My childhood was filled with drama and chaos more than it was normal. My parents did the best they could as most parents do. Their lives where emotionally more important to them then their children were. That does not mean they weren't there or didn't provide for us but emotionally their needs came first in a way that left me feeling not good enough, stupid and full of fear of abandonment. 


I was molested at a young age and no one knew not even me until I started pulling away the layers of protection that kept me safe for so many years. Through the journey of picking up those pieces I was able to truly look at myself for the first time and have empathy with the woman I had become. I was a victim of life, my life. Once I had that powerful information I was able to do something different and create a more fulfilling life for myself. 

I have always leaned more toward a natural approach to living and healthcare. I believe the body has the ability to heal itself and we are limitless beings. I also believe that our physical bodies are a direct manifestation of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This is what encouraged me to learn more about energy healing and to think beyond what we are naturally taught as a society.

Previously I managed several offices over my career as an Office and Business Manager before starting "Beyond Belief Coaching". I have always felt a calling to help people live better lives. For the last 10 years I have devoted myself to learning more about energy healing and personal development. After several classes, seminars, courses and certifications with the best teachers and professionals in the world. I have been able to learn so much about the body, our emotions and energy healing. With my own personal experiences and my studies I am able to provide the very best care to each one of my clients.

I am personally committed to grow continually and willing to learn anything that may be of value to my clients. All my clients get a more comprehensive one of kind care that is not experienced anywhere else. My medical knowledge, training and intuitive abilities allow me to put together a coaching program that with not only make you feel great but also help inspire you to great heights in your own life.

As a Certified Life Coach, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Certified Theta Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher , and Access Bar Practitioner you are in good hands. How you feel matters and it is very important to me that you feel important and taken care of in the very best way.

                                                                           Can’t wait to meet you!

                                                                        In Happiness,



Jessica Jansen