Who Says YOU make bad decisions?

I was talking with a good friend and I noticed how she was judging herself before she even decided to make a decision. The decision hadn't even been made and she was already doubting the decision. She stated she doesn't make good decisions. WHO SAYS????? was my question to her.

Who says you make bad decisions? Our decisions and actions create our future that we can learn from good or bad. Is it really a bad if we learn something valuable. I dont think so if you give yourself the opportunity to learn something. There is a constant ebb and flow of life. Without the lows we won't know when we are happy and without the highs we wouldn't want to push though the lows, right??? The main problem is we look more at the so called bad part then we do the good part. We give more energy to what we focus on. If I focus on the bad part I cant see the good and I create more of what I don't want. If I focus on the good I found in the situation the more good I will find.

We are so busy judging our past experiences that we are not able to feel out of them, learn from them and truly experience the GEMS in them. When we judge we recreate the things that we dont want. If life was not full of ups and downs we would be pretty bored with this world and would not value the love and life when we experience it. Judging keeps the learning and feeling the goodness out of our lives.

The good news is when we know what we don't want we can start to create what we do want. Change your thoughts and change your world. Having a Life Coach to help to change and shift these thoughts and decisions is very beneficial to your future and growth. When we get stuck in judgment of ourselves even the wisest of people need help looking for the GEMS.

Jessica Jansen

#Doubt #SelfEsteem #BadDecisions #Anxiety #Depression #Questions

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