Stop looking into the future and live in the moment!

I'M FREAKING OUT!!! Lots of my clients ask about stress and anxiety relief. First of all If you are ever in a unsafe situation or experiencing shortness of breath or intense pain call 911 and/or seek medical attention immediately. When you live in the past you can become depressed, when you live too much in the future you can become full of anxiety and fear. The key is to be in the moment as much as possible. Breathing is a natural movement the happens in the moment. By focusing on your breathing you calm yourself down. Three deep breaths with your feet flat on the ground can stabilize you almost instantly and calm you down. EFT, or emotional freedom technique tapping is another way you can be more in the moment. There are lots of YouTube videos on how to do this, be sure to check them out. Tapping my outer part of my hand or collarbone are my personal favorites. Remembering to tell yourself that you are ok and asking yourself what is triggering your response is also beneficial. Then, if you can, remove yourself from the situation it will give you more of a feeling of self control. Understanding that you are not in danger and that you are safe in the moment is also calming. Meditate, Meditate, meditate!!! Just 15-30 minutes a day. This is great way to help you focus and reset. Meditation before bed may be able to help you sleep better. This works for me and stopped my insomnia suffering years ago. If you want help on how to manage your stress, anxiety or insomnia call for a session. I can help you in the office or over the phone.

In Happiness,

Jessica Jansen

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