Fear Is Calling, But Will You Answer?

So this week I reached out and asked for help from my followers. I asked what you would like me to blog about this week. I got one response basically asking for advertising and not a subject that pertain to my line of work. However, the only response was appreciated but not really what I had in mind. My first thought was "How do I create this?" How am I not approachable. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. OUCH!!!!

As I have been doing these blogs that last several weeks I have hid behind the words really thinking that no one is listening. Then when I ask if anyone is listening the fear of rejection creeps in confirming the feeling of shame that I am not good enough. What an amazing circle of belief I create for myself.

I have realized through this experience I get to choose to walk through the fear and on the other side is everything I want and desire. I also know that not everyone will read this, be inspired by it or pick up the phone and call me for a session but it only takes one person to step out of their fear and pick up the phone and say I am ready to make a change. I get to bring down my wall of fear that keeps me separated and we in turn get to make the change together.

Everyone experiences fear. The choice of what you want to do with it is up to you. I wear my fear as a wall of armor to protect me. It may protective me from hurt, pain and rejection but it also protects me from love, relationship and success. Fear does not know what to and not to protect me from.

Thank you to everyone that reads this and that takes the opportunity to look at your own fear today.

Also, to POM OAK, great music I listened to a little bit from your site and you guys are pretty awesome and worthy of a shout out. Keep living your dream!!! <3

In Happiness and love, Jessica

#fear #Change #business #hesitation #protection #strength #vulnerability #advertising #followers

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