Are You Ready or Able to Become Wealthy?

It was brought to my attention, before writing this blog post, that the Powerball Jackpot is up $408 million. I started to think about what I would do with that much money and it was really hard to think past the first couple million. I would love to win this kind of money and create freedom for myself and family. I am aware of the kind of positive life changes this would create.

This awareness allows me to look at the amount of money I am a vibrational match for. How much money are you attracting? Let me explain.

I believe everything we create we have to be a vibrational match with for us to receive it. You can do vision boards, writing intentions and even pray about the things you desire. However, if you are not feeling deserving and ready to receive it, how will you ever get there? Don't get me wrong these are great tools to start the momentum moving to where you want to go but there is more to it.

I am figuring this out myself. I know the more I step into my purpose and passion the easier it is for me to create abundance and freedom in my life. I have to feel abundant before abundance will show up in my life.

Take a moment today and check on your abundance factor and see if you are attracting what you want. This has also motivated me to put together an abundance course for my clients to be able to attract more abundance. Look out for more details coming soon.

Thanks for reading, love you all!

In Happiness,

Jessica Jansen

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