Reiki, oh how I love you!

Most of you don't know that I have a long history of depression and anxiety. I suffered from such social anxiety and that I would to pick fights with my parents and husband so I could use my anger at them as a way to not go places and be seen. I was so afraid of criticism and judgement that I would make up stories in my head so extreme that caused me to panic at the thought of being around people.

When I worked in Chiropractic I was able to get a good handle on my anxiety. I would get an adjustment and my body would just "function and feel" better. I was able to stop all medication and become more "normal". I still had times where anxiety would creep up but nothing like the years previously.

In early 2013 I had a major panic attack and was hospitalized. I couldn't breathe and was so overwhelmed I wanted to go to sleep and never wake up again. Apparently this not not something you say to the doctor in the ER. I was then Baker Acted to a local facility. I was tired not crazy but they didn't know that at the time. I can laugh about it now but it was a huge wake up call for me. I lost the job I bled for and my family didn't understand what I was going though. I felt so alone. Just like in childhood. That's another story, but I recreated what I knew and that was being alone.

I had been doing personal development work for years at that point, studying the Law of Attraction and nothing was working. After all that happened I started researching about energy work. I knew something was off with me and I just did not know what is was. I knew I didn't want to take pills or go to therapy (only out of shame, again another story, lol). I asked a friend that was into energy and personal development work and asked her if she knew anyone that did energy healing of some kind. Of course she knew someone. She is the type of person that always knows someone. She introduced me to Karen, intuitive healer, Reiki Master and Teacher.

Once I had my first appointment my life changed forever. I was introduced to the loving healing energy of Reiki that day. After my first session I felt as though the world had been lifted of my shoulders and I could actually breathe again. It was AMAZING!!! After a few more session Karen asked me if I wanted to learn to give Reiki to myself. I was hooked and took another giant leap of faith and learned to be a channel for Reiki energy. I went on to learn other healing modalities as well but nothing will compare to learning Reiki.

Reiki is the ultimate form of self-love. Whenever I am overwhelmed or sad I give myself Reiki. It is a true connection to myself and the universe. Everything is right in the world in that moment. The anxiety subsides, I see the gratefulness in the world around me and I can just be me. My ego gets to take a break and my thoughts turn loving and true.

I have come along way since I started this journey and I will continue to grow and heal because of that leap of faith. I know I have the innate power to ignite my personal healing power. I can align my own chakras and feel the amazing loving energy of the universe at anytime I need it. Reiki has given me such freedom from of the chains of anxiety and depression that were once so very heavy.

Finding direction and peace can be a winding spiral of wrong turns and disappointment at times. Don't give up, you have the answers inside of you and with guidance and someone showing you the way you can find your direction.

Learning Reiki does not mean you have to start a business and give it someone else. You can learn for you, to heal yourself, love yourself. Learning Reiki lead me to my true purpose of teaching "LOVE" and it can lead you to yours as well. If you are interested in learning Reiki, I can help!

- In Happiness,

Jessica Jansen

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