Got Communication?

Our language is the most complex yet simple form of getting or not getting what we want.

Think about it, communication depends on tone, energy, intensity and wording. Ever heard "Its not what you say but how you say it"? There are a lot of factors that go into a conversation. Most communication is actually non-verbal. It is the expression, tone and body language that connects with others. So if we are unaware of how we are communicating it can do a lot of damage to our relationships, how we relate to others and how people respond to us. Most people only listen to have a quick response. While you engage in any conversations, make sure to really listen to those around you. You present yourself as authentic as you really listen and tune it to what others have to say. Do yourself a favor and be more present in your communication this week. Check in on your conversations and see if you are getting the results and relationships you are looking for in those around you.

We as a society are way more media based then ever before. There is so much that gets lost in the translations of our words. Your response to what is said is what is based on your beliefs about what is said, not actually what is being said to you. Even writing this blog, your mood and energy is going to effect your results more than my energy and words in writing it. How you take my communication says more about you then it does me, especially when it comes to text and writing. If you are reacting with a lot of energy to what you are reading or hearing these days you may what to check in with yourself and see where that is coming from. What beliefs are affecting your communication?

If we all took the opportunity to think about our results in our communication on both sides of a conversation we can see where we can improve to have better results, relationships and get what we want.

Want to learn more about communicating with others? Call me 561.501.1877 and also checkout my RCB course that is all about communication.

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