Just Jump!

Ever been in that situation that you say to yourself maybe I should just move on, let it go, or start over? I am not talking about relationships on this one, that is a little more complex and would take more than a blog to figure out. I am talking about moving forward in your life to your purpose.

I am realizing through my own transition from being who I once was to who I want to be is exhausting. I have the weight of needing to be responsible in my decisions and on the other side a little girl inside that wants to run and explore this new journey ahead in full force. I am understanding that I can make moves of action towards my dream everyday while expressing gratitude where I am. As I do this more and more action gets to be taken towards the dream I am creating for myself.

I keep asking myself how will I know when to take that final leap of faith and surrender to the idea that everything will work out for my highest good. The more I think about it I want to feel comfortable with the change first before I make it. To be honest, that just may never happen. Change is not comfortable, it is scary, it is new, it is a leap of faith that everything is going to be alright.

They say the first step is the hardest. I agree that moving in a new direction is fearful and scary but I think overall it is much easier than actually committing to taking that last step from where you were. It feels like dropping off a cliff and praying that something catches you. It may be scary but you are worth it. You and the world deserve you doing what we love. READY, SET, JUMP!!!

-In Happiness,

Jessica Jansen

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