The One You Feed

There is a great story about a little boy and his father, the Indian chief. The little boy was having problems with what was right, what was wrong and telling the difference between the two. The chief sat down and told his son a story about two wolves that are in each of us. The first wolf is full of ego, greed, hatred and judgement. The second wolf is love, empathy, connection and happiness. The chief said these two wolves are fighting each other inside of each one of us. The little boy thought for moment and then asked his father "but which one will win?" The chief looked at his son with love and said "the one you feed." I love this story and it reminds me how I get to choose which wolf I want to win.

I also relate this story to my own personal feeding of my good enough vs feeding my not good enough. We all have the lies we tell our self with the judgement and negative self talk we have inside our heads. When we do this we don't even realize by listening to that voice we are actually feeding our feelings of not good enough. We also feed the not good enough by allowing what others say about us get to us and allow ourselves to feel shamed because of it.

When we choose to learn and better understand ourselves and others we can express empathy and easily let go of our personal emotional attachment. When we nurture our "good enough" we can find power, have loving boundaries, unconditional love and connection. We then have an opportunity to grow, flourishand find joy. We can nurture ourselves from the inside out and in turn feed our more than good enough. When we learn, grow, have focus on deeper connections, find internal happiness and focus more on what we are doing right we understand and choose to be good enough no matter what happens and our circumstances are no longer determining our good enough. This is a step into the empowerment and understanding that it is me and me alone. That step says to me that I am more than enough. Sure we will still make mistakes, cause some drama, fall out of connection and may even act a little crazy from time to time but it does not have to feed the "not enough" unless we choose to.

I encourage all of you reading this to nurture your good enough and allow the second wolf to conquer the internal war inside of you once and for all. If you are not sure how to get there reach out I have some experience in fighting wolves ;)

-In Happiness,


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