How are YOU Using your Super Powers?

With today being May 4th and all, plus with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 I figured I would talk about all things superhero today. For many of you who follow comics and love the movies and TV shows, you know that some people became “Mutants” because of something bad that happened to them. A spider bit, exposure to a nuclear radiation leak or other extreme situations. They had two choices at that point in time. Some found a purpose for their so called defections. Their own version of why it happened for them. Notice I said not "to" them but for them. How many times to do feel life is happening to us and not for us? Are you looking at yourself as defective or effective? That’s the question.

So, back to the two choices they have. The first choice was to embrace their new found abilities and rise to the occasion. They didn’t let them hold them back or fill them with shame. They used them to help people and to advance society in some way or another. They knew that what made them different also made them better!

The other choice was to go into isolation and try and hide their mutation or super power. They looked at it as something that made them different and something that made them feel ashamed. They were willing to go through great lengths to get rid of them, no matter the cost they just wanted to “Fit in.” They felt like this because they realized they weren’t like the rest of society. They were “different” and felt that they no longer fit in. If we were meant to be the same we wouldn't notice how we are different?

Everyone reading this post, no doubt, has had something bad happen to them at some point in their life. Something that affected them in a way that made them stand out from the pack. Something that made them different. The question I have for you is how are YOU handling it? Are you defining it and rising to the occasion or are you letting IT define YOU and hiding it from the world?

It would have been much easier for the ones that rose the ranks to superhero to just hid it, shut themselves in and merge into society. They didn’t though and instead used it to make their lives and the lives of those around them better. Are you doing that with your circumstance? Are you embracing those wounds, scars and painful moments to rise to the occasion? If not you should be. True freedom comes when you can lay your cards on the table and just be yourself. This is when you can positively impact the lives of everyone around you.

What good is hiding all of that? It doesn’t take it away and it might be holding you back from your true potential in life. What you think is a big deal and will get you laughed at and looked down on might not be that bad at all. YOU might be overthinking it!

If you need help unpacking all of the baggage of your circumstance, reach out to me. You would be surprised how just opening up to one person can add so much happiness and relief to you. Let me make you the superhero that you were destined to be!

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