Crazy Thoughts.....

If you are anything like me when making a decision about something there is a slight (or major) thought where self doubt and what are people going to say about xyz situation happens within seconds. It can cause me such anxiety and thinking to myself conversations with these people even before either of us has said anything yet. I would probably be considered crazy if people heard what went on inside my head sometimes when this happens.

This behavior can get to the point that I just don’t do anything and talk myself out of an idea or decide to make a "safe" decision to avoid the conflict I just made up in my head. Our thought process can be so damaging to our successes and future before we even realize it.

What if I told you “what other people think about me is none of my business”? Their thoughts, words, concerns are about who they are and what they want for themselves. When they are saying their thoughts about the situation they may not even be thinking about me in full mind when they say them. We give such weight to people without even considering what they actually know or assume about us.

The only one that can make a difference in your life is you. Not your mom, dad, job, mentor, etc... only you. We forgot it’s ok to be human, to make mistakes, to not know everything or to be inadequate at times. It does not mean that we have to stay stuck in not good enough, stupid, or not capable. We can love and accept ourselves the way we are and make a decision or answer a question without having this "head conversation". We get to be free and see how life unfolds. It may even

be better than that conversation in our head. Isn't it funny how we never consider that it could be better than we thought.

Consider the positive things, what exciting things could happen, or what if nothing happens at all. The thoughts can be damaging or they can help up reach new heights and allow ourselves to be the best we can be without worry , doubt, or fear!

Crazy thoughts happen it is really how we respond to them that make a difference.

#anxiety #stress #BadDecisions #notgoodenough #selfdoubt #SelfEsteem

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