Stay on your own course!

In 2014 I had the amazing experience of attending a personal development course called TLC. I learned so much from the experience and about myself. Along with this course and and an understanding of the Law of Attraction I realized just how powerful my reality is.

Have you ever realized how much we allow ourselves to be distracted by what's going on around us and our circumstance? Our circumstances do not create our reality. What creates our reality is what it's going on inside of us internally with our thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors. The distractions are actually our memories or our subconscious that say that the last time that this happened it wasn't right, it felt bad or didn't feel good whatever way is that well it must be wrong now. it's actually each person individually that decides whether something is good or wrong for them.

If we took a moment and really lived in a conscious state of living we wouldn't bring the past into all of our decisions we would be able to look at each thing individually push through to our heart connect with it and see what's right for us in that moment regardless of the people places or things around us. The desire to see change in something is really a desire to change what's happening going on within yourself. So long story short is that if things are going on in your circumstance around you with the people places or things that are causing discord, judgement or pain it's because there's history inside of you making you feel a certain way so instead of looking to change or to fix the outside what can you do on the inside?

The serenity prayer talks about accepting those things that I cannot change The courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. So to stay your own course is to evaluate when there's a lot of emotion or a lot of energy and what's going on around you to internally say is this something that I have the courage to change? is this something that I cannot change? And this isn't necessarily talking about changing the things on the outside of you it's about looking to change the inside. So if you experience something that has a lot of energy. Can you except what you feel about it or change it?

When you feel the need to look on the outside really take that moment and look inside and stay on your own course. If you need help finding or creating your own course, or want to learn more about TLC please reach out. In Happiness,

Jessica Jansen

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