Go with the FLOW....


My life has taken some amazingly sharp twists and turns over the last couple of years. Ones that have felt like I could flip and crash at any moment and ones that are fun and exciting. What I realize more and more is that the flow of life is always flowing with or without me. It’s my perception that makes those twists and turns fun or what makes them terrifying. The way I look at things as they are happening or after they have happened is the biggest difference I have made.

My resistance and attachment to "what is" stops my flow of life. The more I release and let go, the smoother my "river of life" flows. When we feel the good feeling thoughts it creates more good feeling thoughts and that is what leads to the life we want instead of the life we are given by chance or default.

Now I know there will be times when things may not feel good but that doesn't mean that we have to treat those things as "bad" because we can always find the gratitude and the "silver lining" in all of it if we look for it. Going with the flow is much easier then putting my oar in the river trying to go backwards fighting the current of life and staying stuck. That "stuck" feeling or don't know what to do next is what I feel when I am not allowing myself to go with the flow.

If you are struggling with going with the flow and letting go of resistance and attachment to people, places and things reach out and book a session with me. Your first 30 min session is FREE. Live Beyond your Beliefs with Beyond Belief Coaching.

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