I am Not Perfect, I am a Life Coach!!

As a Life Coach a lot of people naturally think I either have my shit together or I think I do. The truth is neither of these perceptions are accurate. As a Life Coach the truth is; yes, I am more aware of my patterns of behavior that get in my way and yes, there are a lot of times I am able to coach myself of of my triggers or problems. However, there is a lot of times I need help so I have a support system that helps me see what I can't. That system is 2 Life Coaches and an additional small group of about 4 men and women that I trust with my life and the darkest secrets about myself.

Asking for help and listening to others about what they see in me is one of the hardest and best things I have ever done for myself. Why?? Because if I am able to see the deepest, darkest parts on me then I can share them with you. I can be more aware of how to help others that are stuck in cycles going nowhere, I can see things others as I see myself. We all see others from our limited perception of how we see ourselves. Sometimes what they say to me fits and sometimes it doesn't but it is all helpful. I know without a doubt that they love and care for me which makes it easier to see all the sides of myself.

All my coaching has come from my experience of my life and training. The good, bad and the down right ugly. There are things about myself that are below our awareness level at the time its happening. For me when I notice this it is when I am not getting the results I want. Then there is a moment where I say to myself "Hey, I am missing something" and sure enough there is a belief that is being protected and it is tucked away in the subconscious where I want to keep it safe. However, that safe place means holding on to it and making into a trophy on the wall until I am ready to take it down and say I don't need this anymore. I honor where it was and see that it served it purpose at a time and now I no longer have a need for it and I let it go. There are a lot of times I am not able to do this without help from my support system. To help better understand what I mean by this. Its like that treasured piece of jewelry from the love of your life at the time it was given to you. It meant the world and you would have been heart broken if it was lost or you couldn't find it. However, once that love of your life cheated on you or hurt you in some other not ok way you hid it away with other moments of the past you saved along the way until one day you found tucked away somewhere or a new love of your life found it and you saw how it was keeping you stuck in that old hurt feeling getting in the way of your new relationship so you decided to toss it and move on. We do the same thing with old beliefs and ideas about ourselves we think we have to have them at the time so we tuck them all away until we find it getting in the way of what we really want. The expression "out with the old and in with the new" is also an example of this as well. We can't get a new coach unless we get rid of the old one. We can't have abundance if we have a feeling of lack you have to make room. etc...

An instructor I had once said "when we stop learning we start dying". I know one thing for sure is that I won't stop learning about myself. I want to help myself more than I want to help others. It is through that understanding is what I think makes me a great coach for others to help people transform their lives. Yes, I put myself first. Why?? Because I want my clients to put themselves first. That is a

foundation of self that no one can take away. If you put others first under yourself if they walk away you will fall. Period!!

The very best people in sports or business usually have coaches to help them see things they can't see. I found out recently that Tiger Woods has 6 coaches to help him with his game because he could not see himself play while he was playing. It was their job to watch him play and correct him from his level of understanding and their expertise at the time. We can't see ourselves play our own game but others can. It is important that those others are the right people for us and willing to love us though the darkest parts of ourselves so we can easily let the things go to be the best we can be.

I am not perfect, I am a Life Coach with an understanding of how I work and use that to help others live their best lives filled with more purpose, passion and magic than you ever thought possible.

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