Why We   Choose Fear!

We live life in a way that is backwards. Our feelings about the results is what creates more thoughts and feelings about or circumstances. Our circumstances can’t change until our thoughts and feelings about the circumstances change. Once we start to have good feeling thoughts about our circumstances is when we choose the better feeling thoughts that changes our circumstances. Wow! Crazy huh? When we think logically there is no emotion only process. Steps 1,2,3,4 and so on. We start the process and follow to the result we have been told we are going to get. When we think emotionally the results are based on our highest intention of what we want to create. This is very powerful thinking and gets us what we want almost instantaneously. The discord is we don’t really see what we were really creating until it’s already created emotionally. When the results aren’t what we thought it’s usually because we choose to lead with fear in the first place. When you lead with fear there can not really have a positive outcome that feels good. When you let go of the worst that could happen without judgement miracles happen. When you choose to follow the good feeling thoughts until the end fear is only a “what if scenario running in the background” to help remind you to keep you choosing the good feeling thoughts in what you want to create. When you let fear lead, it only creates what you were afraid of in the first place. This is where lack and not good enough reside in your subconscious to keep what you fear in your sights. The problem most of us have in these thoughts is they usually filled with momentum to create what we don’t want. Why do we choose fear? Because it shields itself and makes us think that it is protecting us. In a way that is so true!! Most of us do not really now what it’s like to feel happy and full filled. So our subconscious doesn’t know what it feels like and it has a unnatural feeling that it must be bad just because we just don’t know. It sounds good to be happy and to be full filled but there is always part of us that think that is the end game. Once we become happy and enjoy the fullness of life our time here in this world is done. That’s why we fight it and let fear win every time. If too much changes “I could die” . Your body may have never lived in a true feeling of surrender and freedom. It is scary, what does that mean about me? I don’t know who I am without control? If I let someone else lead they may fuck it up or hurt me? Most of us think it will kill us and yes I do mean that literally. If we didn’t think that it would be so easy to let go of fear. Our survival would not depend on the fearful thought. We create what we fear because at the end of the day we know we will survive it we let’s face it we have so far right? Most of us still don’t know we will survive happiness and fulfillment because you know we won’t. It’s a constant fight with our survival that we can’t win. It is predetermined in this life that we will die so we choose to fight it with fear instead of happiness, fulfillment and joy. The magic, joy, love and fulfillment is knowing that you get to choose fullness by using fear and choosing a better feeling thought. When I instruct one of my courses or I help a client get results it has so much fulfillment for me and I get to enjoy the results to receive. I have experienced this before so my subconscious is now searching for the feeling more and more and fear is there but very quiet and I have the awareness to listen to fear with logic. I ask myself what’s the worst that could happen? For me the answer is usually “ I may fall on my face , embarrass myself and/or someone could tell me I suck” then I ask what is the best thing that could happen? That answer is usually “ I help someone else in some way that changes their life and perspective that leads them closer to their wholeness” the second always feels better so I lean in to create and choose the second outcome. Most of the time that is what happens and it is the most amazing feeling. If something not so good happens you are at choice to see that there was to learn or what there was to give/receive without doubt, fear or judgement. It becomes what it is. Maybe the lesson wasn’t for me to learn but another way for me to get the results I was looking for. I may have still helped someone else change their life and perspective. I choose to live there where my highest intentions is to let go of fear and lean into more happiness and fulfillment. I choose to walk away from people, places and things that create fear in their experience and I simply decide to choose the better feeling thought to live a satisfied life because that is where I choose my best life and experience to be. It has nothing to do with anyone else. Fear is only there to help me choose a better feeling thought. They are simply thoughts about what I don’t want and always provide more clarity for what I do want. If you take the emotion out of fear you simply are left with a choice. People that choose fear are only those that haven’t learned how powerful and beneficial fear really is to get you what you want. Be an example and show them how to lead towards fulfillment and show them it’s ok to not for you to choose fear and walk away. Maybe they get it maybe they don’t. Either way It’s their choice. If you always choose the better feeling thoughts you will soon surround yourself with people who choose the same way of thinking and then connection and love with others also becomes the better feeling thoughts as well. It literally ends the them over me victim and blaming others thinking, It simply becomes a collective consciousness and together we become whole! It’s not good or bad it is just emotional intelligence helping us each create a loving, full filled, abundant, joyful life by using what we know and what we all know is FEAR! Use it to work for you and let it help you create what you do what for once. You can also use this perspective with the feeling of Shame. If you get stuck in shame reread this using the word shame instead of fear they are close sisters in thoughts.  - Jessica Jansen Beyond Belief Coaching 

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